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Ansley made our wedding planning seamless and enjoyable. Being on the west coast, planning for a wedding on the east coast, it could have been difficult, but Ansley did everything she could to make sure the bride and groom were happy with all the choices and that the parents of the groom and bride were as well. I would strongly recommend Ansley for any type of wedding you would like to have!!

Nancy & Norv Turner

We had a destination wedding and didn't have to worry about a thing. I don't know how I could have done this without the help in planning, coordinating, contacting and just dealing with everything that could make a bride go crazy! Our day ended up gorgeous and EXACTLY as I had imagined. I would highly recommend Bliss Events Ltd. to any bride who wants exceptional quality and no worries.
Pam & Bill

We decided to hire Ansley from Bliss Events to assist with our daughter's wedding and it was a wonderful decision. The wedding was in Pittsburgh, but we were planning from out-of-town. Ansley was professional, responded to our many email inquiries, and facilitated a beautiful event the "day of." Ansley connected with the Bride beautifully. She helped to calm some wedding day jitters and was a model of young professionalism for this wedding party. The best compliment I heard about her services was from my daughter (the Bride) who said, "Whenever my friends start getting married, I'm going to tell them about Ansley!" It was a pleasure working with Ansley. I highly recommend Bliss Events.
Alice & Andy

Ansley was extremely helpful throughout the entire planning process, from organizing all of our vendors, to assisting with choosing the linens and stemware, to picking-up welcome bags and cookies on the day of the wedding. With our venue (The Pennsylvanian), all the items had to arrive in the morning and be removed midnight. Ansley coordinated all the vendors, and after the wedding she collected all sentimental items and drove to my house to drop them off. She went above and beyond what was expected of her. Ansley made the entire wedding day (7-13-13) a smooth and stress-free process, and we were fortunate to have her for our special day. We highly recommend her for any wedding!
Angela & Erick

About a week after we hired Ansley, our original venue fell through. From that first snafu, we knew we had hired the right person to help us with the wedding! Ansley expertly organized all of the various moving parts, remembered every detail that was thrown at her, and was completely calm and positive throughout. She was also very respectful of our budget and never presented us with options that she knew would stretch us too thin. She was gracious with all of our vendors and made the day run completely smoothly. We couldn't recommend her more!
Ashley & Theron

I am a first-time mother-of-the-bride and felt overwhelmed when our daughter began her wedding planning. It was challenging to plan because our daughter lives in Washington DC and we live in Pittsburgh. It was my lucky day when I found Bliss Events and Ansley on the web. Ansley is friendly, professional, and organized. She worked with us on the phone, in person, and via email many times. On our wedding day, Ansley worked extremely hard to make every detail happen as our daughter wanted. Our wedding day was much more enjoyable because Ansley took care of everything, from set-up, clean-up, paying vendors, and keeping us on track with time. I highly recommend Ansley to other mothers - She is the best! At least once a day our family says, "we couldn't have pulled off our daughter's dream wedding with out Ansley".
Linda & Rick

Ansley is absolutely incredible at her job. She takes wedding planning and organzing to another level. We could not have had the most amazing wedding withouth her. From beginning to end Ansley was there to make sure she fulfilled her promises. We hired her to be our planner for the "Day Of" services and you get that and so much more with Ansley and Bliss Events. When she tells you the time frame of when her services begin, you can expect to hear from her much sooner. When she tells you how many meetings you get with the package, you can expect that she will do whatever it takes to make sure her job gets done, no matter the amount of meetings. She goes above and beyond in checking with your vendors and making sure the timeline is exact and everyone is in the loop. You do not realize how much extra work that is on yourself as the Bride, and to have Ansley there with her team to help was by far the best money we spent for our special day. She truly did make everything seem seemless that weekend when really we know how much work went into everything. We could never thank her enough!!


Jessica & Fady

Ansley was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. She made my wedding day everything I ever    dreamed of! I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her.


Michelle & Brian

No matter what your budget is, a wedding planner is the key to saving your perfect day. And Ansley Esterline of Bliss is the best in the business. Ansley was great to have throughout the process, she gave advice when we asked for it and she let us come up with our own thoughts and ideas when that's what we wanted. I would have recommended her on that alone. But on the day of, she really shone. I could not have had even close to what was a perfect day if it weren't for Ansley. She tackled every single problem that arose (and trust me there were a lot of them...including some unexpected snow.) I can't say how lucky we were to have Ansley and I would hands down reccommend her for any wedding, party, or planned event you ever have!


Joni & Michael

As a wedding photographer myself, I have worked with Ansley on a professional level on two occasions. She was more than I could hope for in a wedding planner! My job on that day is to capture the memories, and the best way to do that is having a well planned out day. Both weddings that she has been the planner for couldn't have gone better. Not only did the day run smoothly, she keep me up to speed on every detail all day long, and even was there days prior to be sure I was prepped. I have seen many wedding planners since I shoot weddings every weekend, and she is definitely one of the best!


Autumn Stankay

Bliss Events ltd. is the best! Ansley and her staff were so friendly, attentive, creative and responsive. We hired them for a “day of wedding planner “ and I am so glad we did. It was the most amazing feeling in the world to know we had professionals working for us and taking care of the details. It was important to me to relax, have fun and enjoy myself on my wedding day and I was able to because of Bliss. I am a bit of a control freak and particular about the way things are done, Ansley and her staff exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend!


Lindsay & Justin

I can't rate Ansley highly enough. We were trying to plan a wedding from the other side of the country and she brought everything together for us seamlessly. She was able to get a great idea of our style and preferences from just a couple of meetings and conversations, and her recommendations based on that were perfect. Without Ansley, I don't think we would have managed anywhere near so well. She took charge when we needed her to without ever making us feel like things were not under our control, and she consistently went above and beyond our expectations, even after the wedding was over. If you need someone to take the stress out of your event, Ansley can do that with ease and make everything perfect.


Melodie & Josh

Ansley from Bliss Events was a pleasure to work with. We brought Ansley on for our July 2011 wedding to help us, as we live away from Pittsburgh, but also to ensure that our parents would be completely stress free leading up to and the day of the wedding.
Ansley was extremely professional and her knowledge was invaluable as we prepared for our big day. We sought out Ansley and Bliss Events to provide "day of" planning, and she was available for months leading up to the wedding day - which was really appreciated.
Ansley's knowledge of the wedding and wedding logistics arena is top-notch. Coupled with her responsiveness, professionalism, and ease to work with, the experience could not be beat.

Make the investment. It will only make the days prior and the day of the wedding more enjoyable.


Bethany & Ryan

Ansley was a great person to work with!!!! She made my day everything that I expected and more. Would recommand her to everyone!!! They did an excellant job!!!


Juanita & Vernon

Very Lovely to work with, did a wonderful job connecting all of my dots, I could not have done it with out her!


Kyler & Mike

Working with Bliss Events was an absolute pleasure. In particular, Ansley Esterline, was remarkable. She was always responsive and professional, and the quality of her service both before and after the wedding was exceptional. We would recommend her services to anyone without any hesitation.


Susan & Paul

We were extremely happy with our experience with Ansley.
She helped us to develop every step of our wedding plan -- which was setup and took place in our backyard --- invitations, flowers, music, pictures, food, beverages, party rentals, and catering.
Then, beginning several days before the wedding, she took charge and managed every detail of preparation for and the orchestration of our wedding event --- just like the conductor of a symphany.
The ceremony was very beautiful and went smoothly; all of our guests raved about the fun that they had during the cocktail hour and the reception; and, we enjoyed the most exciting and happiest experience of our lives.
Ansley takes great pride in the quality of the service that she performs for her clients and is truly a consumate professional; and her personality --- which is always very warm and friendly --- makes it a pleasure to work with her.
We appreciate everything that Ansley did to make our day so wonderful and special and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone and everyone who is starting to plan for their own special day.


Rose & Michael

Bliss Events is absolutely amazing. Being an out of town bride and groom, I cannot imagine a successful wedding without Ansley. So much so, that I've recommended all my engaged friends to use Bliss Events. Ansley pre-selected only the best vendors, so that during our limited trips back to the Burgh we saved so much time and minimized frustration. The day of was a breeze, because she was so organized. My parents were especially grateful that they did not have to set up or take down any of the reception things. I cannot thank Bliss Events enough for truly making our wedding special.


Jenn & Greg

Bliss Events was wonderful. Ansley was great to work with and was able to put up with my crazy schedule. Would highly recommend!


Megan & Chad

I don't even know where to begin. Ansley at Bliss Events made my wedding dreams come true. I could go on and on- but I will say that I had not one worry during the planning process. When I met Ansley I told her I was getting married in 8 weeks and she didn't flinch! She jumped right in and took care of everything. She proposed vendor options, locations, made logistical suggestions - and listened!! I told her the feel I wanted and she found the perfect location for the ceremony and reception. I made numerous changes - back and forth regarding flowers, rentals etc...and she never got frustrated - she rolled with everything - and was flexible and always available to me. My big day was everything I could have imagined and more. Nothing went wrong - she made sure everything was seamless. My mother planned my sister's wedding a couple years ago, but after seeing what Ansley can do - wants to hire her for my other sister's wedding. I cannot recommend her and her company highly enough. My wedding was perfect and I have Ansley and Bliss Events to thank for it!!


Colleen & Jared

Ansley's (Bliss Events Ltd.) attention to detail and experience allowed me (Mother of Bride) to enjoy every minute of my daughter's special day! Caring and professional, Ansley and her staff worked efficiently to implement the details of the ceremony and reception with accuracy and style.
Simply put, Ansley relieved me of stress and replaced it with peace of mind during the planning process as well as on the day of the wedding. She worked wonderfully with my daughter and created a chic, elegant and warm event, that totally thrilled the bride! Bliss Events is very easy to work with as Ansley listens before acting, provides wonderful ideas when asked, and those are offered as an enhancement with no hint of personal preference. I am certain our outcome would have been far different and less enjoyable without the expertise of this excellent wedding consultant.


Trish - (Mother of the Bride)

Ansley was wonderful and a pleasure to work with. She took over all the arranging and coordinating 1 week before the wedding and let us enjoy the wedding day. She immediately understood the "feel" of our daughter's wedding and her professionalism made things run very smoothly. I would highly recommend her.


Andee & Mike

Ansley is a true professional - she is extremely competent, calm under pressure
and always pleasant. Bliss Events Ltd. is more than capable to handle any
special event. The attention to detail and desire to deliver exactly what you
plan or dream of is really extraordinary. I will definitely hire Ansley and her staff
for any future events. It was a pleasure to work with her.


Brooke & Nate

Ansley and Bliss Events are, quite literally, the best thing that could've happened to my wedding. I'm from Pittsburgh, but have been living in New York City, and let me tell you - planning an out of town wedding is really hard. Ansley made everything easy, and I remembered what it was like to have fun with planning again - just like it was in the very early planning stages. My advice: skip the stressful part and get help! Ansley is the perfect mix of an absolute saint (answering emails early in the morning and late at night, and allaying all of my fears) and a pitt bull in heels (being the boss, laying down the law, and making sure that everything was just as I wanted it), and she made the two weeks before my wedding calm, sure, and almost relaxing. I love her and would willingly recommend her services to anyone getting married in the Pittsburgh area.


Jackie & Ben

The experience of working with Ansley and Bliss Events was EXCEPTIONAL!!! From day one to wedding day she made the overall experience so enjoyable. Ansley was sincerely interested in my wedding ideas and concept and was able to build upon that to make the day perfect! She has so many great ideas and options for everything and included us in all stages which was so nice. I felt like I had a guide, a friend, and a shoulder to lean on throughout all the planning stages. She is not the type of planner that says 'this is how it is going to be'. She wants your input and takes that along with her experience and insight and leads you through the process. I am so thankful to have had Ansley with us through our planning and through the execution of our wedding day. I knew I didn't have to worry about a thing and that is worth sooooo much! She consistently went above and beyond and I'm so glad to have had the backing of Ansley and Bliss Events on my most important day!!!! I would VERY HIGHLY recommend them to anyone wanting their wedding day to be the perfect day they have always dreamed of!!!


Shannon & Todd

Ansley Esterline of Bliss Events was a joy to work with. She expertly recommended various venues and made wonderful suggestions to assist in the planning and execution of our wedding day. Aaron and I couldn't be more pleased. Ansley was prompt and courteous and kept everything moving exactly as scheduled. The confidnence and professionalism Ansley and Bliss Events exhibited ensured our wedding day was flawless. Thank you so much Ansley. All the Best!


T.R. & Aaron

Ansley of Bliss Events is one of the sweetest and most knowledgeable wedding professionals I've ever come across. Couples would be wise to utilize her services on their big day!


Veronica Varos Photography

Dear Ansley -

Thank you for all of your help in making our wedding wonderful! We made memories that will last a lifetime, and appreciate all your help and HARD work!


Beth & David

As Father and Mother of the bride, our wedding experience was wonderful. Ansley, we thank you for your very capable handling of the details of the wedding! It was very comforting when we would look over and see you surveying your "territory" knowing that you had everything well in command. It is a tremendous skill that you possess to be able to remain so calm when the various members of the wedding family are coming to you with questions. You handled it all very well and in a manner that put us at ease!  Thank you!


Tom & Mary

As I was winding down post shooting an elegant, but intensely muggy Pittsburgh wedding last season, I grew to appreciate, all the more, the efforts of an impressive Phipps Conservatory staff member earlier in the day, Ansley Santarcangelo.Weather, weeks before while acquainting me with the areas at Phipps that would be involved in the then upcoming wedding, or later witnessing her gracious, resourceful interaction with a bride, and mother, or as the superbly executed event unfolded, Ansley showed why she was a truly remarkable representative of Phipps. She brought to bear all that was possible to assure client, guest & vendor appreciation for her institution, and effective event planning. As one moves along in life, you gather some wisdom along the way. I simply felt at the time that it was incumbent upon me to express my appreciation to Ansley and to the Phipps for her ‘extra mile’ efforts.

I am sure that today this translates into superb event planning for the brides and grooms that she now represents.


Ed Massarsky



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